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Endowed Schools Act 1868

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Endowed Schools Act 1868

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An Act for annexing Conditions to the Appointment of Persons to Offices in certain Schools.

[25th June 1868.]

WHEREAS the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the Education given in Schools not comprised within the Scope of certain Letters Patent of Her Majesty, bearing Date respectively the Thirtieth Day of June One thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight and the Eighteenth Day of July One thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, made their Report dated the Second Day of December One thousand eight hundred and sixty-seven:

And whereas by such Report it appears that Legislation will be necessary with a view to carry into effect the Recommendations therein contained with respect to such of the aforesaid Schools as are endowed:

And whereas it is expedient that no Impediment should be created to the free Action of the Legislature in carrying into effect such Recommendations by the Acquisition of vested Interests by Persons appointed to Offices or other Emoluments after the passing of this Act:

Be it enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, as follows:

Short Title.

1. This Act may be cited for all Purposes as "The Endowed Schools Act, 1868".

Persons appointed after passing of Act to take Office subject to future Legislation.

2. Every Person appointed after the passing of this Act to any Office or Emolument in or in the Gift of the Governing Body of any of the said Schools shall take and hold such Office or Emolument subject to such provisions and Regulations as may hereafter be enacted respecting the same.

Definition of "Governing Body".

3. For the Purposes of this Act the Term "Governing Body" shall include Patrons, Trustees, Governors, or other Persons in whom is vested the Right of appointing new Masters in the said

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Schools on Vacancies occurring, and of holding and managing the Property of the said Schools, or either of such Rights.

Definition of "Office or Emolument".

4. "Office or Emolument" shall include any Mastership, also any Office to which the Duty of teaching Grammar is attached, also any Employment in or about the Estates or property of the Governing Body, also any Pension or Compensation Allowance.

Not to affect Tenure of any Scholarship, &c. as herein specified.

5. This Act shall not affect the Tenure of any Scholarship, Exhibition, or other like Emolument, or any Pension or Compensation Allowance to which any Person is entitled by reason of a certain Number of Years Service, and the Amount of which is not in the Discretion of the Governing Body.

Duration of Act.

6. This Act shall continue in force until the First Day of August One thousand eight hundred and sixty-nine, and to the End of the then next Session of Parliament.