Reports on Children Under Five (1905)

1905 Reports on Children Under Five (text)

Reports on Children Under Five Years of Age in Public Elementary Schools (1905)
by Women Inspectors of the Board of Education

London: HM Stationery Office

Notes on the text


Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Schools (HMI) was established in 1839: a brief history of HMI can be found in chapter 1 of HMI Today and Tomorrow, published in 1970.

The Board of Education was created as a result of the 1899 Board of Education Act and so had only been in existence for five years when this document was published.

The document contains reports by five women inspectors - Rosalie A Munday, Katharine Bathurst, CL Callis, KM Heale and Agnes F Harrington. They make fascinating reading - not just for what they say about the education of children under five years of age in public elementary schools, but about the home conditions of the children.

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