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21 July 2014

Welcome to Education in England. I hope you'll find it useful.

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Derek Gillard


Education in England aims to provide students, teachers, lecturers and researchers - and anyone else who is interested - with information and original source material relating to the development of England's school system.

It contains the full texts of more than 420 important documents, including Reports, Official Papers and Acts of Parliament.

The site is divided into three main sections which can be accessed using the buttons at the top or bottom of every page. (Clicking on the Education in England logo always brings you back to this page).


Education in England: a brief history tells the story of England's schools from 597 to 2010. In addition to the main text (117,000 words in twelve chapters), there's also a timeline of major events, education acts and publications (the most visited page on the whole website), a glossary and a bibliography.


The full texts of almost all the important reports on education in England and Wales since 1900 are here: Hadow, Plowden, Bullock, Warnock, Cockcroft, Swann and Elton etc. There are also more than 230 Acts of Parliament, and various other government and HMI publications.


Here are more than thirty articles on a variety of subjects, including the history of primary education, pupil grouping policies, academies, school meals, faith schools, creationism, and religious education in Oxfordshire. There are also 28 book reviews and a handful of school policies from the 1990s.


This week I have added 16 more Acts of Parliament to the site, and have taken the opportunity to rationalise the organisation of all the Acts, some of which were in a 'pdfs' folder and some in an 'acts' folder. They are now all in the 'acts' folder. This means that Acts of Parliament whose URLs used to begin:
now have URLs beginning:
I have provided redirection notices so that if you use an old bookmark to find an Act, you will be directed to its new location.

I apologise for any inconvenience.

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